The essence of the ancient capital of Kyoto remains strong here within the district of Gion.
Our wish is to have as many women proudly walk the streets, dressed in our fine-quality kimonos.
Based on such a thought, KIHARU was founded as a salon that provides a kimono rental, and an in-studio photoshoot service.
It would be a pleasure for us to have all of our guests spend a memorable day while enjoying their time dressed in a beautiful, eye-catching kimono that will attract the attention of those passing by.


a delightful moment to choose a favorite kimono. guests are carefully fitted into their choice of fine-quality kimono.

Based upon your mood of the day, choose your favorite from our collection of fine-quality, elegant, and stylish kimonos, which are selected according to the season by a stylist specialist. Our skillful kimono dressers will carefully dress our guest in such a way to prevent the kimono from shifting and losing shape while en route to your destination. A reservation is limited to 2 guests per 30 minutes.


a beautiful self-portrait taken by a professional photographer

Your beautiful self-portrait is taken by a professional photographer, who has an outstanding experience in advertising industry. The finished product is given in the form of a photo card as a gift for all of our guests. Please experience a professional in-studio photoshoot. KIHARU also welcomes "photoshooting-only" reservation.


a cozy, private salon-like space

We offer a space to take a break, where you can enjoy tea or coffee before preparing to get dressed in a kimono. And we have our cozy tatami room, where our wide collection of kimono is stored in the "Kiridansu", a chest of drawers made of paulownia wood.
At KIHARU, we welcome our guests into a comfortable, private salon-like setting, where you will be carefully fitted into your choice of kimono that fits the occasion of your special day. Hair & makeup, and the photoshoot at the end will also take place in this space.