Question type. 1

about reservations

q Is there anything I should bring to the store on the day of my reservation?

Please feel free to come without any belongings since all necessary kimono items, including undershirt, and zori footwear are provided by the store. No extra fee is required since they are already included in the plan.

q Can I change the plan that I selected on the day of my reservation?

We accept changes to your plan preference after you arrive to the store on the day of your reservation. However, please be advised that hair styling, makeup, and the photoshoot session may not be available unless a reservation was made prior to your arrival.

q Can I make an off-hours reservation?

While our regular business hours is from 10:00AM ~ 7:00PM (last entry time at 6:30PM), we will inform you if we are available for off-hours reservation. Please contact us through the "Contact Form" .
*Please be advised that off-hours reservation requires an extra fee of ¥1,000/person (tax included) for each hour.

Example: In the case of the KIHARU Plan (for 1 guest)
Reservation at 8:00AM: Kimono rental plan ¥9,800 + Early bird fee ¥2,000
Reservation at 9:00AM: Kimono rental plan ¥9,800 + Early bird fee ¥1,000

q Can I make a reservation as a group?

The regular reservation form only accepts a maximum of 2 guests, therefore please contact us through the "Contact Form" to make a reservation for a party of more than 2 guests. For other options, please contact us.

Question type. 2


q Can we reserve or make an on-site reservation for Kimonos?

Guests can reserve kimonos, or make an on-site reservation, but please contact us in advance.
We offer more in store than what we have on the website, therefore we recommend guests to visit the store first, then choose a Kimono for reservation.

q How many / What types of kimonos are available for rental?

Most of our kimonos are made of high-quality silk. The types of kimono that we make available change from time to time and new kimonos are added tot he collection. Enjoy selecting your favorite one based on your taste of preference from approximately 100 kimonos, which are offered seasonally at KIHARU.

q How long does it take to get dressed in a kimono, and to get hair styling and makeup done?

It typically takes about 30 minutes from after checking in your reservation to selecting your kimono, another 20 minutes for dressing into the kimono, and another 20 minutes for hair styling/makeup. The time spent in selecting a kimono will differ from each guest. From arrival to departure, it takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours, but please keep in mind to leave ample time for your reservation. In addition, please be aware that dressing takes place in the order of reservation time, so please arrive for your reservation time on time.

q Can I choose a kimono size for men?

Yes, but please be informed that guest's height will be asked for when making a reservation. M size is available for any height under 170cm, L size for under 175 cm, and LL size for under 185cm.

q Can I bring my own Kimono and request only for the dressing service?

We are sorry, but we do not offer that service here at our store.

q Can I change the kimono after getting dressed?

We are sorry, but we cannot accept the request of changing your kimono, once you are dressed in the kimono that you originally selected. However, we offer plenty of time for guests to carefully select their favorite choice of kimono in a relaxing space where you can focus. Moreover, we make sure that you are happy with your final choice and we will get you dressed in a beautiful manner until you are fully satisfied with the result of your choice.

q Do you offer travelling Kimono dressing services?

We are sorry, but we do not offer that service here at our store.

Question type. 3

about hair styling & makeup

q Can I borrow hair accessories?

Guests with a hair styling reservation may choose a hair accessory for free. For those without a hair styling reservation, we offer hair accessory rentals from ¥300 (tax included).

q Can I add hair styling and makeup option on the day of my reservation?

We may occasionally accept additional requests if there is extra time available on our schedule, but this will require more time from you. We strongly ask that you make a reservation in advance.

q Can I request to have my hair and makeup fixed after I have left the store?

We are sorry, but we cannot take this request.

q Can I request hair styling for men?

We are sorry, but we cannot take this request.

Question type. 4

about photoshoot session

q Can I request ONLY the photoshoot?

Yes, we offer photoshoot only service as well. The 'Photo Session' (30 mins) is 12,000 yen (including tax). We also offer photoshoot for clothings other than Kimono. Please contact us for further details

q Can our photo be taken with our smartphone or digital camera?

Yes. Please ask the photographer at the photoshoot session.

q How long does the photoshoot session take?

The "Photo Session" requires 30 minutes. The free photoshoot session service included in the plan requires approximately 5 minutes.

q Can you send me the data of the picture?

We will send you the smartphone compatible size picture (approximately 1.0MB/JPG) taken during the free photoshoot session service, so long as you agree in allowing us to post the image on our SNS and website. Please contact us for further detail, including printing service.

q Can you print out photos from my own photographed data?

We are sorry, but we do not provide that service.

Question type. 5

other services

q Can we keep our personal belongings and clothes at KIHARU?

We can keep all the belongings you wish to leave behind (except for valuables) in our cloakroom for free of charge while you are on your outing.

q Can I rent a kimono even on a rainy day?

The cleaning fee is already included in the plan, so do not worry about the rainy weather. However, we may charge our guests cleaning fee for excessive rain stain. Please use a rain coat. In addition, KIHARU has an in-house photoshoot studio, so guests are able enjoy professional quality portrait photoshoot session in the store on a rainy day.
*The "Photo Session" requires reservation in advance.

q Is there a jacket-like outer to wear on chilly day?

Haori, or other outer layer coats to wear when outside are included in all the plans. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

q What if I have trouble with the straps of my Geta or Zori footwear?

First, please let us know of your location. A staff from the store will bring a replacement.

Question type. 6

about payment / cancellation / refund

q How can I make a payment?

We accept cash, and credit card (the amount due must exceed 100 Yen).
*Acceptable Credit Cards: JCB/VISA/MasterCard/AMERICAN EXPRESS [AMEX]/DINERS. All payments must be complete for each plan, including other service fees, before departing the store for your outing.

q What should I do if the kimono gets dirty?

The cleaning fee is already included in the kimono rental plan, so rest assured that any dirt gained from normal wearing (stains from spilled food, or mud splatter, etc.) will be taken care of by the store.
*However, please be advised that we may charge guests for a repair fee for a considerable amount of stain or significant damage.

q What if I want to cancel my reservation?

Please follow the instructions found in the reply email from us, which you will receive after completing your reservation form.
In addition, we kindly ask guests to give us a call once your cancellation is determined.
*As a cancellation fee, please note that a cancellation made 3 days or earlier prior to the reservation day will be free of charge, however, there will be a 50% cancellation charge for a cancellation made 1 day before the reservation, and a 90% cancellation charge for a cancellation made on the day of reservation.

Question type. 7

about returns

q By what time should I return the kimono?

Please return all kimono items by 6:30PM on the day.
In addition, please contact us for the "Next Day Return Service" for ¥1,500 (tax included), which extends the return time to 12PM of the following day.
*Please make sure to bring a Photo ID in order to verify your identity. Please note that we will take ¥10,000 as a temporary deposit, which will be returned to you at the end.

q What should I do if I cannot return the rented kimono items by the return time?

First, please give us a call. If guests cannot return the rented items by 6:30PM, we will charge a late return fee of ¥3,000, and the returns must be made on the following day.

q Can I return the kimono to the hotel that I am staying at?

"Hotel Return Service" is offered for ¥2,000 (tax included), and ¥1,000 (tax included) for each additional person.
*Please make sure to bring a Photo ID in order to verify your identity.

q How should I request the "Hotel Return"?

We will deliver guest's belongings from KIHARU to the guest's hotel by 8:00PM on the day. Please return all kimono items to the front desk by 9:00AM of the following day.
*The service is available only at hotels within Kyoto City.

Question type. 8


q Can I rent a kimono while I am pregnant?

We are truly sorry, but we kindly decline all requests from pregnant mothers and guests with injuries, since we shall not be reliable should any problems occur.

q Can the store keep my belongings, which I accidently left behind?

We will keep guest's belongings for 2 weeks, so please contact us right away. After 2 weeks, please be informed that we will discard them.