Please inform us of your choice of plan, and the date / time of your reservation through the "Reservation Form"
*Please refer to the Price List for the description of each plan.


For guests who would like a group reservation, off-hours reservation,
or photoshoot session only.

At KIHARU, we ask our guests to make a reservation through the
"Other Reservation" for the following requests:
"Would like to make a reservation for a group size of more than 2 people"
"Would like to request off-hours reservation"
"Photoshoot session only"

other reservation


We kindly ask our guests to arrive by the reservation time.
(If guests can arrive 15 minutes early, this will allow us to guide guests more smoothly.)

*Since guests with a reservation are prioritized, any delay to the arrival time may affect the kimono dressing schedule. Please be advised that we may prioritize other guests with a reservation and keep the guests waiting for not arriving to their reservation on time.

Please present your passport.
We will take a copy of your passport.


Pick your favorite kimono from the plan you selected when you made your reservation.
Since the time it takes to select a kimono differs for each guest, please keep in mind to give yourself plenty of time when scheduling your reservation.

*The renting of kimono accessories, including purse, and shoes are already included in the plan.

introduction of kimono


Our skillful staff dress each of our guests into a kimono in a careful manner, making sure to prevent the loss of shape of the kimono during your outing.
Approximately 15 ~ 20 minutes will be required per guest.

*Please inform us if you would like to request the
"Luggage Storage Service (free)" (excluding personal valuables).


Hair styling and makeup requires a reservation in advance.
Our in-house staff applies appropriate hair styling and makeup to go with the guest’s kimono,
based on the guest’s preference. This is available only for guests with a reservation.

*Please be advised that the full amount will be charged as a cancellation fee for any cancellation requested on the day of your reservation.

*Guests with a hair styling reservation may pick their favorite hair accessory without an additional fee. In addition, KIHARU offers guests without a hair styling reservation, a rental service for hair accessories, starting from ¥300 (tax included).


KIHARU offers a free photoshoot session to all of our guests, who wish to have a photo taken by the in-house professional photographer.
After the photoshoot session, guests can take home a photo card as a souvenir gift. In addition, guests will receive the data of the photograph (smartphone compatible size), after permission is granted by the guest for allowing us to post the picture on KIHARU’s official website and SNS.

*An email address is required to send data to guests.


KIHARU also offers an optional professional photoshoot session (¥12,000/30 minutes) based on a request.

*Please be advised that the full amount will be charged as a cancellation fee for a cancellation made on the day of your reservation.

For Those Requesting a Photoshoot Session Only

For those requesting only a photoshoot session, please contact us
through the "Other Reservation" .

other reservation


Please complete your payment of your requested plan and any service fees before leaving the store.
We accept cash and credit card as a payment method.

*We accept the following credit card types: VISA/MasterCard


Enjoy your outing by strolling in the streets of Kyoto, or enjoy a date or a tea ceremony gathering with a kimono. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about sightseeing. KIHARU can offer you recommendations for a great walking course in Gion district, and suggest good places for taking pictures, and sightseeing spots.


We kindly ask our guests to return to the store by 6:30pm at the latest, and return all rented kimono items. We also offer the convenient “Next Day Return Service”, and the “Making Returns to the Hotel Service”. For more details please see the Price List page.

*The cleaning fee is already included in the rental fee. However, we may charge guests an extra fee for any excessive stains, or heavy damages.

Please be advised that we may ask you to present your passport and make a copy for identification purposes.